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Ziglar Legacy Certification (ZLC)
 The ultimate personal transformation program that also certifies and equips you to teach Zig Ziglar's legendary programs 
ZLC was created for:
  • Success minded people who want to grow
  • ​Coaches
  • ​Trainers
  • ​Speakers
  • ​And anyone who loves the Zig Ziglar philosophy "You can have everything in life you want if you will          just help enough other people get what they want." Zig Ziglar
Ziglar Legacy Certification is a jam-packed three day program held at Ziglar Headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Ziglar Legacy Certification is specifically designed for people just like YOU who want to grow in every area of life and help others do the same! 

 Our goal is to equip and support you as you build your success, significance and legacy by developing yourself and others. Many of our graduates are coaches, business owners, trainers, speakers, consultants, and leaders who are intentionally helping their family members, current customers and team members to Be, Do, and Have more of everything that life has to offer.
Hurry! Courses fill up fast because we limit the class size to 26 people!
Upon Successful Completion of the Program, you will be Authorized, Certified, and Equipped to work with people one on one and in group training and speaking formats to deliver the following courses:

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Key Features of the Ziglar Legacy Certification Program
Jam Packed 3-day highly interactive certification class at Ziglar HQ
Endorsement video with Tom Ziglar - perfect for you to use on your social media and website
Marketing materials and branding – ZLC title and logo
Exclusive ZLC Alumni training webinars
Unlimited email support and private Facebook community
Teaching and presentation materials for all courses
Choose to Win is the most COMPLETE program ever developed because it is simple to implement and it also helps people understand the sequence of success and the foundational difference between those who “want to” change their life and those who “actually do” change their life. It's a sequence to success that anyone can achieve!
  • ​LIVE, weekly online training led by Tom Ziglar
  • ​Downloadable Workbook of the entire program  
  • Recordings of all sessions
  • ​8 Hour Audio program
Unlimited access to Ziglar On Demand
Over 60 hours of Zig Ziglar’s greatest foundational life-changing material 
Key Benefits of the Ziglar Legacy Program
Understand how to Become the person you want to BE and have a methodology to achieve the things in life that you want to achieve.
Be equipped to carry on the Legacy of Zig Ziglar and become part of his world-wide respected reputation.
Have all of the PowerPoints and workbook materials already completed so that you can begin immediately.
Be taught how to effectively teach life-changing materials so that you can more easily make a difference in the lives of others.
Be able to use the Ziglar branding and materials to help you grow your business.
Be able to present proven life-changing materials that Zig Ziglar developed and that have already positively impacted millions of lives.
To participate in the Ziglar Legacy Program a full background check is required, along with a signed morality and ethics document. The number one asset of Ziglar is our reputation, and we must take every measure to protect this and to protect the reputations of others who are Autho- rized and Certi ed in the Ziglar Legacy Program.
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