Ziglar, Inc. and Michelle Prince present...
Finally get your entire book out of your head and onto paper, plus you’ll get the tools you need to start leveraging author status in your business and life.
November 14th
2:30pm Central

Michelle Prince

Best-selling author and motivational speaker.

Tom Ziglar

CEO, Ziglar, Inc.
You're Going To Learn about...
  •  Top 3 rules for writing and publishing a book
  •  The 5 steps in the writing process
  •  Basic steps of self publishing
  •  20 different ways to market and promote yourself as THE expert
  •  How to create income from your book BEFORE its even written
  •  How to identify your target market 
  •  How the editing process works
  •  How to create multiple revenue streams with book content
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What People are saying about Michelle Prince. . .
“If You’ve Been Procrastinating About Writing Your Book, Come To The Book-Bound™ Workshop.”
I came here with 7-8 wild ideas, but I really got out of the Book Bound weekend how to focus and break down the system so instead of not knowing exactly where to start…now I have a process.

So the bottom line is that there is no more place in my life for procrastination on this…because I know what to do.

So if you’ve been procrastinating about writing your book, come to the Book Bound Workshop because once you leave, there’s no excuse left.  Kim Schultz Life Coach

“If You’re Thinking About Writing A Book, You’ve Got To Attend This.”

I just finished up Michelle Prince’s Book Bound Workshop™ and, boy, I learned a lot. I didn’t have a clue about publishing, books, and things like that, but Michelle really lays it out beautifully for you. I have a friend who wrote a book…did it himself, and it took him about a year. And I know with Michelle’s help you can cut 6 months from that. So if you’re seriously thinking about writing a book… you’ve gotta attend this. It’s only a couple days investment, but boy is it worth it. So give it a shot!”  Dave Larson Sales And Marketing Technologies, Orlando, FL
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