September 30th, 2021
Online Event
Tom Ziglar and M. Kevin Davis Present...
Raise the Lid Leadership Summit
Virtual Event | September 30th, 2021
"The Fastest Way to Success is to Replace Bad Habits with Good Habits."
Tom Ziglar
CEO of Ziglar, Inc., Author, and Motivational Speaker
"“Life is a journey of aligning your dreams, charting your course and navigating your way to a purpose-filled life.”  
M. Kevin Davis
International Speaker, Trainer, Executive Coach and Successful Entrepreneur 
Choose to Win
with Tom Ziglar and M. Kevin Davis
A truly transformational event  to raise the lid on your leadership abilities and multiply your success exponentially!
Join Tom Ziglar and M. Kevin Davis as part of the Choose to Win Tour, to Inspire, Equip and Motivate yourself and your teams to increase their leadership reach, resulting in better engagement, productivity, efficiency and profitability.

September 30th, 2021
Online Event Via ZOOM
Here's Why You Should Attend
  • Unlock powerful ways to leverage yourself as a Leader, while learning how you can develop future leaders in the process, PLUS...
  • You’ll make connections with other like-minded, leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners 
  • You’ll build relationships and have powerful conversations that bring out the best in you and your team
  • You’ll network with top performers and fill your contact list with valuable connections
Space is Limited so Get Your Ticket Today if You’re Ready to Discover: 
  • The fundamentals of Realizing your potential so you are utilizing your abilities to accomplish your dreams
  • The methods to Building the Best You and develop those around you
  • The proven approaches to Building Winning Relationships that will equip you to build stronger  relationships
  • The formula for Goal Setting and Achievement to set definite, precise, clear goals to ensure you    realize the maximum potential that lies within you
  • The game plan that allows you to change your Atmosphere, impacting your life and those around you
Raise the Lid Leadership Summit is your chance to be inspired, equipped and motivated to realize your potential and develop the leadership skills to take you to the top.
September 30th, 2021 | 10:00am-3:00pm EST
Break | 12:00pm-1:00pm EST
SESSION 1: Become a Lid Lifter
So many people live beneath their potential due to lids that have been placed on them by themselves and others. Zig Ziglar said “You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.” It’s time to realize your potential and accomplish your dreams.
In this session you will learn:
  • The importance of recognizing your potential  
  • ​How to Identify and lift lids that keep you from your dreams
  • ​The benefits of increasing your reach
  • ​The importance of dreaming
  • ​The effect you have on others when you lift lids
SESSION 2: Get Your Team Engaged Through Dream Alignment 
One of the most important things we do as a leader is to engage our employees. Although this is one of the most important duties of a leader, Gallup polls says nearly 70% of employees are disengaged or actively disengaged. This is a struggle all leaders face. The good news is there is a solution.

In this session you will learn:
  • The effects of lack of engagement‬‬
  • ​The difference in engaged, disengaged and actively disengaged employees‬‬
  • ​The benefits of improved engagement ‬‬
  • ​Three things Leaders Do to increase employee engagement‬‬
  • ​The importance of dream alignment‬‬
SESSION 3: Building the Best You‬‬
Is it really possible to be happy, healthy, and prosperous? Can you really expect to have solid family relationships, peace of mind and a feeling of security? Is there hope for a better tomorrow? The answer is a resounding “YES!” You will discover that you have everything already necessary to make your life better. 
In this session you will learn:
  • The qualities successful people possess and how you can possess them too
  • ​The Importance of your attitude and how to keep it positive
  • ​How to keep yourself motivated and striving towards your goals
  • ​The importance of the words you choose
  • ​The power of taking the first step
SESSION 4: Choose to Win: How to Transform Your Life One Simple Choice at a Time
The choices you make in every area of your life will determine your success in your personal, family, and business.
In this session you will learn:
  • The fastest way to success
  • ​The key to achieving your goals in the face of challenges and obstacles
  • ​The most important habit you can create
  • ​How you can use the Ziglar Performance Formula to achieve incredible success in your career
SESSION 5: Building Winning Relationships‬‬
Relationships are extremely important. How well you get along with your boss, your customers, your friends and your family members can determine the accomplishments you achieve in life.
In this session you will learn:
  • The 4 steps to build strong, healthy relationships‬‬
  • ​The ONE thing you can do to turn around any relationship‬‬
  • ​The power of responding
  • ​The consequences of blame
  • ​How to develop the good in others
SESSION 6: Atmosphere‬‬‬‬
Atmosphere - It's Up to You
Atmosphere is more than the environment and far more important than culture. Creating the right Atmosphere changes everything.
  • Conceive it!
  • ​Choose it!
  • ​Create it!
  • ​Cultivate it!
Share the Room and Shake Hands with the Most Innovative Leaders in Your Community
Tom Ziglar
As CEO of Ziglar and key collaborator on his father’s 30th book, Born to Win, Tom carries on the organization’s profoundly simple philosophy, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” Tom loves to share this lesson with everyone, from billion-dollar companies to small-business owners to prestigious academic institutions— to YOU at our Secrets LIVE event. With Tom’s innovation and world-class coaching, Ziglar has continued to be a go-to resource for rising entrepreneurs.

M. Kevin Davis
M. Kevin Davis is a person of strong faith, a devoted husband and father, an entrepreneur, international speaker, trainer, and executive coach, whose philosophy is simple: “Life is a journey of aligning your dreams, charting your course and navigating your way to a purpose-filled life.”  
For more than 25 years, Kevin has been inspiring, motivating, and equipping others to live out their dreams. He has devoted himself to developing and strengthening the personal and professional growth of others through speaking engagements, one-on-one leadership building, and most importantly by serving others.

Ric Savage
Frank “Ric Savage” Huguelet is a North Carolina native married with three children and three grandchildren. Retired from the United States Army. A semi-retired professional wrestler, former host of Savage Family Diggers on Spike TV, and co-host of The Savage-Turner Rock Express Podcast with Erik Turner of the band, Warrant. Ric is an avid student of history, with a focus on the American Civil War. Ric has done historical artifact recoveries in over 20 states. Ric has worked in outside sales in the automotive aftermarket for the better part of twenty years. Salesman of the year three times, and nominated for five. Owned two fast lube centers in North and South Carolina, and have performed sales trainings in 47 states.

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Where else can you get access to some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs and leaders on the planet?

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THE ANSWER: Nowhere else but The Raise the Lid Leadership Summit

This event will put you in a room with like-minded individuals who share Zig Ziglar’s timeless philosophy that, “You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want.”
Now is the time to get the success you deserve!
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