Dear Coach,

You want to be a successful coach and make a difference in other people’s lives, but you aren’t sure you have everything you need, which leaves you wondering what a truly successful life-changing coaching system looks like. You deserve to have the right program, so you can help others change their lives. 

Few things have a greater impact than a Coach who breathes HOPE, LIFE, and TRUTH into someone, helping them to discover their purpose and break down the barriers that are holding them back.

If you want to change lives by being an effective Coach, then the Ziglar Coaching Summit is for you.

In this 2-day intensive and interactive workshop, you will learn the essential keys to building a successful and profitable coaching practice.

Ziglar has a proven process that has been transforming lives around the world for over 50 years.
Here's the FULL Agenda
Thursday, June 17th
Session 1: For Such a Time As This
Presented by: Tom Ziglar
The need has never been greater for life changing coaches. The pandemic rocked the whole world and millions upon millions of people are struggling to discover their Why and adapt to all of the change. 

In this session you will learn:
  • The Disruption, Challenge, and Change that is creating a whole new industry - the Transformation Industry
  • ​Why every coach must commit to their own Personal Development and the 10 Virtues every Coach Leader must possess
  • ​The essential elements to a life changing coaching program 
Session 2: The Coaching Process and Mindset
Presented by: David Wright
Learning, growing, and transforming require the right process and the right mindset. Breakthroughs don’t happen by luck or by chance.   They happen because a coach takes their coachee through a Process of discovery and action that impacts both the mindset and behavior which together get life changing results.  

David Wright is the Personal Coaching Director at Ziglar and has over 25 years experience in successfully coaching others to success. 

In this session you will learn:
  •  The Ziglar Coaching Process
  • ​Why Everything Hinges on Mindset 
  • ​How to Move Your Client through the Transformation Process 
  •  The Ziglar Coaching Process
  • ​Why Everything Hinges on Mindset 
  • ​How to Move Your Client through the Transformation Process 
Session 3: Witness Actual Coaching Session
Presented by: Tom Ziglar and David Wright
Do you need a breakthrough? Are you stuck? Do you have a big dream you want to accomplish? These are questions coaches deal with every day.  

Using the Ziglar Coaching Process David and Tom will invite at least 2 members of the audience to participate in the coaching process in front of the audience. 

They will help them break through a challenge they are facing and then debrief the coaching session around the pillars of belief, mindset, self-image, and process.
Session 4: How to Enroll a Client
Presented by: Tom Ziglar and Angie Crellin
Finally someone says they want to know more about how you can help them as a coach. How do you invite them to become a PAYING client without coming across as a pushy salesperson?  

In this session Angie Crellin who has years of experience in the coaching industry and who has done over 3000 enrollment sessions will teach you the 8 Step Process that naturally uncovers the needs of the prospect and make it easy for them to say yes if it is a fit for them.
Session 5:  Live Demonstration of the Enrollment
Presented by: Angie Crellin
Maybe you want to become a Ziglar Coach or you are looking for someone to coach you. If you are game (we need at least one volunteer) Angie will go through the enrollment conversation with one person in front of the group. This way everyone sees the enrollment conversation in action!
Session 6: The Expert Coach Panel
Presented by: Tom Ziglar, Howard Partridge, David Wright and Angie Crellin
Tom, Angie and David and Howard Partridge will each give their #1 key to being a successful coach. They will then take questions from the audience addressing the top 3 challenges every coach faces. 

During dinner we will have a table discussion around the top three challenges and the panel will address those challenges. 
Friday, June 18th
Session 7: Iron Sharpens Iron
Presented by: Tom Ziglar
We will start today by sharing what we learned on Day 1. We make one another sharper and stronger that way. 
Session 8: How to Add 2 to 4 Coaching Clients Per Month 
Presented by: Howard Partridge
How many clients do you want? How many do you need to build a successful practice. Howard Partridge is Ziglar’s Exclusive Small Business Coach and has clients in over 100 different industries in 20 different countries. 

He will show you a simple formula to attract the number of clients you need to build a phenomenally successful practice. 

Session 9: The Ziglar Coaching System
Presented by: Tom Ziglar
The Ziglar Coaching System is based on these 5 keys:
  • Key #1: the right Person 
  • ​Key #2: the right Process 
  • ​Key #3: the right Program 
  • ​Key #4: the right Support 
  • ​Key #5: the right IPA’s (Income Producing Activities)
Once you master these 5 Keys you will truly live a life of significance! Why - because you will be achieving your dreams by helping others achieve their dreams!
Session 10: The Power of Authority
Presented by: Michelle Prince
Becoming an author will position you as THE leading AUTHORITY in your field!

In this session, you’ll learn…
  • How to grow your business by telling your story in a book
  • ​How to leverage your book into multiple revenue streams
  • ​How to charge more for your services by becoming more valuable
  • ​How to effortlessly attract new prospects for your products or services
And dozens of other practical, real-world publishing tips, guaranteed to help take you from where you are, to where you want to be!
Session 11: How To Maximize Your Marketing Efforts as a Coach withOUT Minimizing Profits
Presented by: Jacob Salem
Social media is a mystery for most and a challenge for all. How do you master this beast? Jacob Salem is Ziglar’s go-to guy who is responsible for the massive growth of the Ziglar Facebook Page. 

In this session, you’ll learn… 
  • Secret #1: The Secret “Almost Backwards Process” to Grow Your Business using Social Media
  • Secret #2: How to Attract More Customers and become the sought-after person in your industry
  • Secret #3: How to Become Hyper Profitable using Facebook Advertising even if you don't have ANY marketing experience
Session 12: President, Success Enterprises
Presented by: Don Hobbs
A seasoned sales and business executive, Don Hobbs began his seminar career at the early age of 18 when he went to work with internationally renowned businessman and speaker, Jim Rohn, one of the true pioneers of the global personal development movement. There he worked up through the ranks, becoming President of Jim Rohn Productions at the age of 25. Two years later, Don Hobbs co-founded Hobbs/Herder Advertising, an industry interrupter and leader in real estate marketing. 

Don stepped out of the Hobbs/Herder companies in 2008 to consult with executive teams from companies across North America. Since then, Don has been training, coaching and consulting with people and businesses from around the world.
Don’s business success came through many different categories, developing companies that were interrupters in real estate, insurance, marketing, technology and training. 

As President of SUCCESS Enterprises he continues his legacy of helping people to reach their greatest life. By teaming up with the most legendary brand in personal development, reuniting with the works of Jim Rohn and other industry giants, he brings his true passion to SUCCESS in moving entrepreneurs and
high-minded people to think and live a bigger, more fulfilled life. As a speaker, coach, trainer and business consultant for more than 3 decades, Don has spoken to nearly 2,000,000 people... and
Session 13: Cleaning Up the Mental Mess
Presented by: Dr. Caroline Leaf
Dr. Leaf's presentation contains the scientifically-validated methods and techniques she has developed over 30 years in her clinical practice to help you understand and use your mind to succeed in school, work and life! How you understand and use your mind is predictive of how successful you will be.
Two Day Ziglar Coach Summit: $1497
Early Bird Special EXTENDED through June 9th: $997
Family and Friend Early Bird Guest Rate is only: $498.50! When you register for $997 you can bring a guest for only $498.50 - that is almost $1000 off the normal rate!

*Includes Lunch and Dinner on Day 1 and Lunch on Day 2
The 2021 Ziglar Coach Summit

Thursday, June 17th, 2021

For Such a Time As This | 8:30am

The Coaching Process and Mindset | 10:30am

Lunch | 12:00pm

Witness Actual Coaching Session | 1:00pm

How to Enroll a Client| 2:00pm

Live Demonstration Enrollment Process | 3:30pm

Dinner and Expert Coach Panel | 5:00pm

For Such a Time As This

The Coaching Process and Mindset


Witness Actual Coaching Session

How to Enroll a Client

Live Demonstration of Enrollment

Dinner and Expert Coach Panel








Friday, June 18th, 2021

Iron Sharpens Iron | 8:30am

How to Add Coaching Clients | 9:00am

The Ziglar Coaching System | 10:45am

Lunch| 12:00pm

The Power of Authority | 1:00pm

How to Maximize Marketing Efforts | 2:15pm

Don Hobbs | 3:15pm

Dr. Caroline Leaf | 4:30pm

Iron Sharpens Iron

How to Add Coaching Clients

The Ziglar Coaching System


The Power of Authority

How to Maximize Marketing Efforts

Don Hobbs

Dr. Caroline Leaf









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