The Choose to Win Master Class!
Experience the Philosophy that Touched an Estimated Quarter of a Billion People on the Planet Through Zig Ziglar
Zig Ziglar left a legacy that is being carried on by Tom Ziglar and Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainers around the world. 
If you want to make a difference in your life, your business, your team and your community, this intensive workshop will help you deepen and internalize the Ziglar philosophy. 

We believe the philosophy of Zig Ziglar is needed in our broken world today more than ever before. Now, you can experience the pure, the powerful and the positive messages Zig is known for.
The Choose To Win Master Class is for people who:
  • ​Want to transform every area of their life - mental, spiritual, physical, family, financial, personal, and career to the highest level possible.
  • Want to leave a Legacy by Design, not by Chance.
  • ​Understand that success is fantastic, but significance is even better because they understand that true significance comes when you help other people Be, Do, and Have more than they thought possible.

Are you currently a Coach, Speaker or Trainer, or want to be?

Then you definitely want to attend the Choose To Win Master Class!

  • You will learn life-changing principles that will transform you and you can use what you learn to help others transform.
  • You will learn how you can become part of the Ziglar Team and be equipped and supported to build your own Coaching practice.
Join us for this exclusive event and you will learn:
  • The fastest way to success
  • How to clarify your Why and purpose
  • ​Why mindset and what you choose to input into your mind determines everything
  • ​Zig Ziglar's #1 and #2 keys to his personal success
  • ​How to stay motivated so that you can achieve your goals faster
  • ​The secret to balanced success
  • ​How to create energy in your personal life so that you can win in every area of life
  • ​The Ziglar Performance formula that is like adding rocket fuel to your business and career
The Choose To Win Master Class - Day 1, August 6th
Registration and doors open at 8:00 am
Morning Session Begins
  • The fastest way to success
  • ​Start with Why 
  • ​The trinity of transformation
  • ​A tree’s fruitfulness depends on its root-fullness
  • ​The seven areas of life essential to balanced success
  • Mental - Choose your input
  • ​What you feed your mind determines your appetite
  • ​Spiritual - Choose your principles and values
  • ​The #1 reason for Zig Ziglar’s success
Lunch (on your own)
Afternoon Session Begins
  • ​Physical - Choose to be persistent and consistent
  • ​BAAM
  • ​The three keys to physical health
  • ​The power of PURE food
  • ​Family - Choose to be a positive influence by being a good example
  • Legacy by design, not by chance
  • ​Success, significance, and legacy
  • ​Your dream house
Class ends but discussion may continue
The Choose To Win Master Class - Day 2, August 7th
Doors open at 8:00 am
Morning Session Begins
  • ​Recap and takeaways from Day 1
  • ​Financial - Choose to hope and dream
  • ​My money mindset
  • ​Dream or disaster
  • ​Work for a dream, not a paycheck
  • ​Personal: Choose to use time and energy wisely
  • ​20 Choices that give you energy
  • ​Can you give something you don’t have?
  • ​Helping others through Coaching
  • ​The Choose To Win Coaching System
Lunch (on your own)
Afternoon Session Begins
  • ​Career: Choose true performance over uninspired activity
  • ​The Ziglar Performance Formula
  • ​How attitude drives everything
  • ​Why a negative attitude costs you money
  • ​50 habits you can develop that will increase your performance
  • ​Goals - The Ziglar 7 step goal setting/problem solving system
  • ​The Perfect Start - the best habit?
  • ​Discussion, wrap-up, and pictures
Class Ends
Choose to Win!
Winning in Life is a Choice. You can Choose to Win. Choosing to Win means that you decide to create the habits that automatically bear the fruits of success. If you are ready to become the best version of yourself, then join us in Dublin, Ireland on August 6th and 7th!
This hands-on experience will be life-changing for you, your family, your organization and your community, but only if you attend! 
The investment is usually $997, but for a limited time we are offering tickets for just $499, AND you can bring your spouse or a family member along, for only $100.00 ticket!
(Only one guest allowed at this time.)

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Venue Information

This event will be held at the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel

This event will be held at the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel

Netherland's Cross, Exit 1A NAAS Road
Dublin 22, Ireland
Click here to make hotel accommodations
Phone: 353 (0) 1 403 3300

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