The Phenomenal Performance Workshop
Friday, March 20th | Ziglar H.Q.
Dear Friend, 

Do you want to get better results in 2020? Would you like to have more fun and less stress while pursuing your goals? And would you like for you and your team members to focus on the right thing at the right time? 

Of course you would. 

The problem is that you, your prospects, customers, team members, and even family members don't always reach the goal as fast as you would like - and many times, there's a good deal of conflict that happens along the way. 

This leaves you feeling frustrated that you... 
  • Aren't getting the results you want...
  • Aren't having much fun in the process... 
  • ​Aren't working as a cohesive team... 
  • ​Aren't focusing on the right things at the right time
At Ziglar, we believe you should be able to reach your goals and have a balanced, fulfilling life! 

Ziglar has been helping others reach their biggest dreams and goals for five decades. Zig Ziglar impacted over 250 million people during his lifetime and his legacy continues. 

At this workshop, you'll learn a simple 3 step plan that will help you get results faster and easier: 
  • Understand yourself and others 
  • How to replace bad habits with good ones 
  • ​Learn how to stay organized, focused and inspired every day! 
Only 32 seats are available. Register today! 
Here's what you'll get at this high-level one-day workshop... 
8:30am | Networking 
9:00am - 12:00pm | The DISC Advantage
You will be at a DIS-Advantage in business and your personal life if you do not utilize the DISC Model of Human Behavior to better understand people. 

In this session... 
  • ​Go through the complete assessment to determine which of the 41 Style Blends you are
  • ​Bring your team members and family members to determine what style they are
  • Learn how to "read" people so you can better connect with them
Notice: All "DISC" is not the same. This program was developed by Dr. Robert Rohm, arguably the world's #1 authority on the DISC Model of Human Behavior and presented by Master DISC Trainer, Howard Partridge 
12:00pm- 12:45pm | Lunch Included 
12:45pm | How to Clarify Your Message Using the StoryBrand Framework 
Whether you're marketing your business, selling a product or service, or communicating to your team, the power of story is the most effective means of communication. It has been that way since the beginning of time, and regardless of technology, it will remain the most powerful form of communication forevermore. 

The problem is most messaging is too confusing, takes too much effort to understand, and leaves the listener confused. 

How much is unclear messaging costing you? How many of your prospects, customers, vendors, team members can't hear your message in the sea of noise? 

In this StoryBrand Keynote, Certified StoryBrand Guide, Howard Partridge will share the 7 Part StoryBrand Framework that will revolutionize your message forever. 
2:30pm | FTI: The #1 Reason People Don't Reach Their Biggest Dreams and Goals 
Would you agree that there are things you could be doing to reach your goals, but you just don't do them? 

We call that F.T.I. (Failure To Implement) 

In this session, you'll learn...
  • WHY we fail to implement (even when we know HOW to do something) 
  • The 4 Keys that Unlock Implementation 
  • ​The 10 Proven Principles of Phenomenal Performance in Life and Business 
4:00pm  | End of Training Day  
The entire day, including your hand outs and lunch is only $297.00 per person. 

If you don't want to stay where you are, then be sure to register today! 
Saturday, March 21st | Ziglar H.Q.
Full Day of Implementation Training
When you attend Friday, you can attend the Saturday full day session free! 

Howard Partridge will be filming each of the 10 Principles of Phenomenal Performance and we need a live audience! 

Register for Friday and attend Saturday Free! 

You'll get a signed copy of F.T.I. book from Howard and you'll learn each of the 10 Principles in detail so you can reach your biggest dreams and goals! 

Register now! 
About Howard Partridge
Executive Vice President of Training Operations, Ziglar Inc.
Howard grew up on welfare in Mobile Alabama and left home at 18. He arrived in Houston, Texas on a Greyhound bus with only 25 cents in his pocket. He started his first business out of the trunk of his car over 30 years ago and built it into a multi-million dollar enterprise. He has owned 9 small businesses altogether and owns 4 companies today.

For the past two decades, he has trained business leaders around the world to phenomenal success. Howard launched Ziglar’s Business Coaching Program in 2012 and Ziglar now has business coaching clients representing over 100 industries in 9 countries.

He is a bestselling author of 7 books and the world’s first Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer.
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